• Corallium 21 © Virginia Bradley 2022, oil on archival film, 34"x24"
    Corallium 21 © Virginia Bradley 2022, oil on archival film, 34"x24"


    Improvisation is an important factor in Virginia Bradley’s paintings. She creates conditions for the chemical properties of pigments to surprise and her swift reactions to these unplanned transformations is what distinguishes her work. It is in seizing the precise moment when paint becomes other than paint, when pigment dissolves into depths that are beyond its own essence, there lies the genius of this artist and her transcendent artwork

  • Francine Tint | Life in Action

    The National Arts Club Gramercy Park, NYC | November 7 - December 2, 2022
    Gravity's Rainbow © Francine Tint 2022
    Gravity's Rainbow © Francine Tint 2022
    Moving from left to right, top to bottom, Francine Tint allows forms to undulate from front to back, and again from in to out. Whether she is building space or flying free across raw canvas, Francine Tint harnesses a powerful life force that embraces and channels the power of paint and the grace of the human spirit.
  • Debra Priestly | black
    Debra Priestly’s artwork is ultimately about dimensional shifts and associative illusions to create the magic of space
  • Melinda Stickney-Gibson + Gary Gissler’s “Onirica”
    As in dreams, both artists convey the poetry of symbol and substance at once rational and random, nevertheless relaying a tale of archetypal mythic power for which these artists serve as oracles.
  • Installation of sculpture by Ruth Asawa
    Installation of sculpture by Ruth Asawa

    The great strength of art and artists is to digest the dramatic crisis of recent years and to propose it again in a creative key” - Cecilia Alemani, curator, 59th Venice Biennale The Milk of Dreams

  • Bobbie Moline-Kramer: The Power of One

    The heroic constellation portraits by Bobbie Moline-Kramer are on view in Venice, Italy. The idea that astrology governs human activity is an ancient study yet Moline-Kramer revitalizes in her 21st century starcharts.

  • Installation view of "Martin Weinstein: Vedute Palinsesti" at Castello 925
    Installation view of "Martin Weinstein: Vedute Palinsesti" at Castello 925

    The Venice Biennale inspires the entire city to host innumerable exhibitions and pop-up art shows from almost every nation in the world. Every street, calle and piazza hosts gallery exhibits of paintings, sculpture, drawing, prints, digital, film, as well as performance art, music and theater. Campo di San'Isepo, located in Castello near the Biennale Gardens, is no exception. Castello 925, with two locations on Fondamenta San Giuseppe, presents two American artists: a solo exhibition of paintings by Martin Weinstein at the 780 Fondamenta San Giuseppe annex gallery and artwork by Bobbie Moline-Kramer as part of a two person exhibit up the street at number 925.

  • Christy Rupp | Leaf Litter

    Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus - Ildiko Butler Gallery
    Christy Rupp | Leaf Litter
    As climate change accelerates, Christy Rupp’s artwork urgently demands that we consider both the seen and the unseen as well as what has happened and is poised to happen – unless we take action.