ROB MANGO | Eterno Ritorno: Castello 925 | 15 Settembre - 26 Novembre, 2023


If you are an artist you often visualize your creativity itself, your special skills or “superpowers”. This would explain the appearance of harlequins, shamans, samurai warriors, card sharps, and othe trickster figures, floating outside the paintings, then stepping into the arena.

- Robert Mahoney

Rob Mango paints in luminous, celebratory colors with hand-crafted metallic accents, enabling his muses to glow and shine. He references the history of art in his kaleidoscopic melding of genres – abstraction, realism, symbolism, and surrealism. Installed together, these freewheeling paintings describe a new era of the Baroque with deconstructed mathematics combined with visibly shifting forms that give way to a colorful ecstasy of vibrant pigments and powerful poetics.

Given the sensual, carnivalesque, and Baroque tradition that weaves throughout Rob Mango's artwork, it is appropriate that the artist's first exhibition outside the United States is held in Venice, Italy on the occassion of the 2023 Architectural Venice Biennale.